Chippy Chart

Know how I keep saying, “I can’t find the front sheet of my 2019 chart?”    Well, truth is, I really haven’t looked that hard, cuZ this:

I was too tired to even photograph the mess.    But I’m sure you can imagine it.     It’s awful.    You’ve seen my messes before.     Just sub one in.

When my desk got moved into the living room 5 months ago, Sweet Friend wouldn’t unhook up my computer, till my desk was clear.    So, I’m sure you know what happened.   Yep, I swept everything off, and there it lies to this day.   🙁

But I really need to get to it, cuZ it’s stressing me out!      My bedroom is supposed to be a sanctuary, and it definitely is NOT.     Huge frowny face.

So, now that I’ve admitted the truth, maybe I can finally get my butt in gear, and just do it??

On the other hand, I’m doing really well on my 2020 chart!!     The first 7 3/4 rows are just from 1st-5th!

Until next time, happy decluttering!


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