Floor Fluke

Well, I’m happy to report there was no screaming!     ChunkChunk didn’t even react, and just went about her business, eating lunch then playing.      PuddingPop came in and halted.      “The floor is clean!” she exclaimed in awe and wonderment!       Ahhhh, that felt good that someone noticed, and liked it!

But then she promptly began to play, and …… you guessed it, spread out more toys.

Aiyayai!     (Did I spell that right??)

This is what it looks like this morning:

     (OOps! I guess I left out the broom, and dustpan as proof I did sweep???)

Not as bad as Sunday.      SO I guess I won’t flip out, and lose my mind today.       You’re welcome, kids!!       I know a mindless Omie would not make for a great day!


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