Happy New Year!!

I hope you partied hard last night.    Why are you even awake yet??

My party was this:

     Isn’t chocolate always a party??       Especially when it’s half off!!     Andes is an “expensive” candy to me.    It’s an unusual treat.

Yeah, I’m enjoying my party!    I’ll eat ALL the candy if I want to!    But, I did manage to stop myself, before it was all gone.       How did that happen??      I wanted to put some in my hot chocolate in the morning afternoon.

Mommy and the girls were in bed fast asleep by 9 pm.

I didn’t even wait for midnight to go to bed.     Who needs midnight??       Besides, the fireworks would keep waking me up, I knew from experience!!

Happy New Year!      Now it’s the Roaring 20s again!!

(Oh my gosh!   It’s only 9:36 pm, and the fireworks are already starting!     I told ya!)


  1. Hope the New Year starts off bright, and continues to shine throughout the year. Wishes for you of peace and contentment that do not cease. Happy New Year To You!

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