Nurses, and Nightmares

Ok, nothing to say.  Except all I’ve been doing in the house here is dishes.

Well, maybe I do have a few things to say.       Never catch you speechless, do they??       Not often, no!

Helping Michelle has turned into an almost full time job!   lol     But I love it!

Here’s all the things I’ve cut out to laminate.

That’s a gallon bag, almost full!!    My poor li’l fingees are sore!      Gotta get me a pair of padded handle scissors!!     Do they have those??    I know the way to find out- Google to the rescue!

And here’s a whole shopping bag full of stuff that is prepared, and ready to go.       Whew!

     The green paper baggies, are for the Groundhog’s Day puppets.       You wrap the green paper around the outside of a foam cup.    Put the brown paper inside.     Put the groundhog on a long popsicle stick, and he “pops” up out of his “den”.     So cute!      Of course, I had to make tracing stencils for both the colors of paper.      And cut a slit in the bottom of each cup.     Add add the groundhogs, and stick to every baggie.    So much easier to just hand the kids a bag each, all ready to go!!     I remember the nightmare of trying to pass out all the supplies for each activity!       Why I never thought of pre-packing baggies, IDK!      But I was always so exhausted, my brain was barely functioning at all back then.

Here’s the groundhogs.     Aren’t they darling?!

I’ve started drinking real Coke again.     Don’t be mad!      When I had my stress test, back when I was in the hospital, they gave me Pepsi to drink after.     I said, “I can’t drink that.  I’ve been caffeine free for 8 years now.”    The nurse said, “Oh, well.   You gotta drink it to stop the chemicals from working any more, or calm down your heart, ” or whatever it was she said.

So, I figured since a nurse FORCED me to drink caffeine, I was all good to go then!      So, I’ve been drinking the real thing since.

  Remember when they tried to kill us all, with that “New Coke” nonsense??      It tasted worse than Pepsi!!      I’m so glad we the people made our voices heard!      They better not try to mess with us again!!      I heard that!

I still like Peach Fanta, tho.    And sometimes still have that too.

Tomorrow, well today when you’re reading this, is Volunteering with PP’s teacher.     I really enjoy that too.     So does PP!    She gets the cache of her “Omie” being in class, with her, but also the benefit of extra hugs and kisses!!    And I eat lunch with her, too.    She is one special girl!     I love her with my whole heart.      And I love CC the same.     How does that work, loving both girls with all your heart??  Got 2 hearts now or sumpin??     I don’t know how it works, I just know it does!

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