Purple Problem

  • GASP! *      What did you just say???

I said I had a purple problem.       But you love purple!      How could you have a problem with purple all of a sudden??     I’m worried something is badly wrong!      Have you fallen and hit your head lately??

I didn’t say I had a problem with purple, I said I have a purple problem!!    AS in a problem which involves purple.       But you still <3 purple, don’t you??        OF course I do!!

Here. let me show you what I mean so you can settle down already.

When we moved in, I asked for a purple bathroom.      The manager of our community even gave me a gallon of purple paint as a welcome gift!        Well, where’s the problem??        Getting to it!  Hang on!

For a long time, this was as much purple as was seen in there:  Ora’s Orchid

  See all the purple accessories??     
Purple yes!     But not enough of it.

Ya see, when we moved in, DH promised to paint the bathroom purple for me.     And no progress was made.

Until:  In June, this happened!      He put up painting tape around the outlets!

I was so excited!!     Things were moving along!!    Progress was happening!

And then:  Nothing.    Nada. Not 1 single thing else happened.    :'(

In December, he asked what I wanted for Christmas.       Guess what I said??       Yep!      ALL I want for Christmas is my small bathroom painted!     I tried to sing that lyric with the music of the real song, but it didn’t exactly fit.    Oh well.

So, on Friday, December 20th, he hurried up and did this:

Door to hall.     Yay!!

And this:   

Door to our room.

Okay, but I knew better than to get excited this time!     Was it just another trick to string me along for another 6 months??

But wait, it’s 5 whole days till Christmas!      He could still get it done!

Don’t rush him!      He’s working on it!

On Christmas Day, while I was passed out from all the excitement of getting TP from my Sister, he did    this! 

Now we’re rocking and rolling!     Except, hold up!    Now he’s taken down the tape from the outlets.    I’m confused!

Happily, since I was sleeping, I didn’t see that.

2 Days later:    Dec.27

Hall door.

Bedroom door, and edge of shower.

Between the two doors.

Paint was finally on the wall!!!!         Color me thrilled!!

Woo hooo!!!      Biggest hug and kiss in months!!         I love you honey!

   Aha!    Now I understand why he took off the tape!

Today is Sunday 29th.  And I took a little video.     But I think I forgot to press record AGAIN!    I also take the video, look for it to play back, and nothing is there.     My bad!

So, I’ll run and take some still shots.     (EERGGH!    Sometimes I hate being such a techno dummie!     Very inconvenient when you write a blog!!)

I guess he figured there are 12 days of Christmas….     

By George, I think he’s gonna make it!

Anyways, he had left the bottom 4th of the walls bare, until the girls got back home from other grandma’s     Wasn’t that so sweet!!

Dec. 30:   Here is what it looks like now.      With a few “oopsies”!      Oh well, thankfully it’s water based!!

    Color me one happy, satisfied PurpleSlob!!

Thanks Honey!!     I love my Christmas present!


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