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Sorry for the radio silence last week.  My Sis started a KG teaching job, at a small Christian school.    (Her BA is in missions, not education, so she is really stepping out in faith!    She only has 6 kiddos and loves them, and teaching.    She already taught Sunday School, so I knew she’d be great.)

Anyway, since she is teaching Kg, and I coincidentally used to, guess who is helping her gather resources, materials, and craft ideas??    Yours truly!





My desk.          My “other” desk.



DD1 joked that since I’m working a part time job now, she should share her pay with me!    Bwhahaha, not!     For some reason, Sis didn’t think that was as funny as I did.

I am really enjoying it so much!   This is the part of teaching that I love!    Getting ready to teach!!        Gathering crafts, making up a sample, doing bulletin boards, etc.    I loved the kids too, it was just so overwhelming to deal with them 8 hours a day, plus the actual teaching, then the grading, lesson planning, dealing with paperwork, parent conferences, gathering the materials, and readying them…     On and on.    It is exhausting to teach.     My mental health challenges just didn’t allow me to continue.

So now, God is allowing me to have fun again, without facing the hard parts!     Thank You, God!     You are so good to me.

So now you know where I’ve been, and what I’ve been doing.    I know you missed me so much, you were crying in despair.    Don’t worry!     I’m still here!


    1. Thanks, Melanie. I surely am enjoying it to the hilt! I did come up with 1 idea for “Snowman “Nose” his Sight Words.” The snowman’s nose was the pointer. She said the kids loved it! Yay! Otherwise, Pinterest, and the internet is jammed packed with ideas!! But, I’m careful to search by “FREE”!! Lol I ain’t made outta money!! lol

  1. Your Sis is lucky to have your help! I would love to have someone do those teaching chores for me. KG requires SO MUCH WORK on a daily basis. Thankful I teach Middle School!!

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