Ok, after writing that discouraging Blah post, I really started thinking.

Was it really the blogging itself, which had me feeling Blah??     Or was it really something else, and it was just easier to blame the blogging, instead of figuring out the real problem?

So I thunk all the thinks I could.

Here’s one conclusion: I’m so stressed right now, I can’t even really think straight.    It’s some stuff that I can’t share.

DH moved out in Nov.  So, as stressed as I was with him here, it’s worse without him.   The girls cry all the time for Pop to come home.  They don’t understand why he lives at George’s now.    I thought his absence would lower the overall tension in the house.    It hasn’t, of course since he is not the main problem.    

The crappy condition of the house is one of the major causes of stress.    Study after study has shown the links of chaotic living conditions to increased stress, and depression.

We spent the weekend, since DD1 was on a 3 day vacay for her bd, and the girls were at the babysitter, for 2 days in a row.

We seiZed the day(s)!     The living room is now complete cleaned up, except for DD1’s desk corner.  Update: not anymore. 🙁    ) We removed toys.    We put things that didn’t belong in here into other rooms.    We swept every nook and cranny.    And by we, ya know I mean he did!

The dreaded laundry chair became a real chair again!    Good to see you old friend!

The dead fish was removed, and the whole mildewed tank too.    Honey did 3 days of dishes.    My bad, since that is my job.    But you know how if a simple chore is neglected, it grows into a huge one, that gets harder and harder to face every day??

The girls are playing so happily in the clear, clean space.    YAY!!   One of the intended purposes is coming true!


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