Blah Blogging

Y’all know I love blogging, right??   

Just right now, I can’t seem to get together the oomph to do it.

Don’t worry, I’m ok.     I have a new psychiatrist, and have my meds.    I have skipped a few days tho, from various reasons.   Which is not good at all.    But over all I’m ok.

Just can’t figure out why I feel blah about blogging right now.   So, gonna just take a break, and wait till I get my mojo back.

I love y’all very much.     And I will miss you.    Just not the work!

I haven’t done much cleaning, or decluttering lately.     And fell very discouraged about the house.     That’s probably a lot of the contributing factor of not wanting to blog.    I feel guilty, and hopeless of ever having a nice house again.    At least until the babies move out.

But I’m so conflicted!    I want them to stay where I’m with them every day.

But I want them to move out, so I have peace and quiet, and a nice house.

I know I can’t have both at once, obviously.    I don’t know how.

But that’s my dream.      Them here, and a nice peaceful, not chaotic messy, house all at once.

Can anyone help??



  1. I noticed while catching up, you have dropped off a bit. I think your meds will help. If they don’t, you may have to change them.
    Since you write humor or at least add humor to most of your Posts, you don’t have to write about Cleaning every time.
    Maybe, take a break from writing about that verses writing entirely.

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