Dishes Doodle Do

I was avoiding the dishes, by scrolling thru FB.    I was in my Declutterathon group.    And what did one lady have to start talking about??     Yup, doing her dishes!      She said she didn’t have the motivation to do them, but she made up her mind to set the timer for 15 minutes, and attack them.    So, of course I felt guilty for still sitting here mindlessly.    So, I jumped up slowly drug myself into the kitchen, and attacked mine.   When I had 1 drainer full done, I quit.     What’s that??       Dry them and put them away??      Surely you jest!

Here’s proof of my efforts.


And the rest to go.   (The rice cooker is currently in use making supper.    So it doesn’t count.    Till later.) Patiently waiting for their turn in the spa tub!  

Do y’all get sick of hearing me yammer on about my dishes??     Well, I haven’t done it much lately, have I?      If you are sick, AND tired, maybe you didn’t understand my name?     

Hope you stay with me!      I love y’all, my readers.    I’ve made so many friends!   <3

PS: I went back and thanked the lady, for getting me in gear!      And the family appreciates clean dishes to eat on for supper!


      1. I do! The dishwasher would be a pretty high priority for me though. I HATE hand washing dishes! I do it during the summer in the RV only because I must.

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