Relaxed and Ramblin’

Ok, here I am!   Fresh and relaxed from my va-cay.   Hardy har har.    Any parent, or grandparent of live-in littles will spot that lie immediately!

I’m not sure how long I will be back to posting.  I am sure it won’t be every day, for a while.   Heck, even “Nony,” the  guru of unslobbing, takes off every summer.

First, I want to shout out to some of my most faithful readers.   I want to thank y’all for hanging in there with me!  In no particular order.

Barb, from DeclutteringtheStuff.  Oops! I put the wrong link at first!!  Now it’s correct.

Authoress51 from TheFinalChapter.   (She prefers to be not named, I’m not dissing her!   Update: This is her blogging name.)

Lynn from LynZRealCooking

Dolly from KoolKosherKitchen

Jenny from UnremarkableFiles

Carmen from FashionWithCompassion

Camie from Camie’sCoZyCorner

Melanie from The Journey of my Left Foot whilst remembering my son

Gail from snapshotsincursive

Susie from Susieshy45

Janice, (my BBFFJ  my best blogging friend forever) from MostlyBlogging     

She has taught me so much about blogging!    Thx, BBFFJ!

Kally from MiddleMe

Carol from Retired?Noonetoldme

Crystal from DeSlobStudent

Gilly from EverythingExceptHousework

Claremary from AroundZuZusbarn

Stella from Purfylle       She taught me that new word, and I love it!!

If you are a regular reader, and commenter, and I forgot you, please forgive me!!  Mea culpa!  Please blame my thyroid brain fog!

Sometimes when I feel like I have no readers, and I might as well quit, (not that I’m bitter or anything that I’m not famous yet), you ladies cheer me up, and support me.

Thank you so much!  From the bottom of my heart!



  1. Thank you for the mention…I feel your pain..Live in little ones… Seriously they have been little angels during this isolation, bless them…Enjoy your break 🙂 xx

    1. My pleasure! yours are angels?? Could we trade for just 1 day? lol I love them, but the playgrounds NEED to reopen now!
      They were only gone for 4 blissful days.

  2. Thank you so much for the shout-out, dear feline person! I hope you and all your loved ones are well. I can empathize with being cooped up with the little ones – cabin fever rages! My son says they can barely keep the kids from killing each other, what’s with both adults teaching and counseling online. I wish I could borrow yours for a while, to give you some respite, but unfortunately, even my own only show their sweet faces on the screen.
    We hope and pray, and we’ll get through this!
    Be well and stay safe!

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