Bathingsuit Beauties

Well, PP has been asking to go to the pool ever since the weather came up into the 60s!     And of course, we couldn’t find their bathing suits from last year.    I totally was gonna make CC wear PP’s!

So, yesterday I broke down, and bought them new suits.    Which had cover-ups shaped like mermaid tails.    Really cute!    (Read: more expensive.)   And they wore them in the pool, so they’d be like real mermaids.   Which didn’t really work out the best, since mermaid tails don’t wrap up around their legs.

While we were in the pool, DD1 did some laundry.    When I switched it to the dryer today, what did I see?   PP’s old suit from last year.

Are you kiddin’ me??     Nope, here it is in person, and big as life.

And, of course they already wore them, so no returning.

Should I just give up now. or lay on the bed crying huge salty tears of resignation??


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