Corona Convo

Ok, now that we are all self-quarantined, there’s nothing to do, so I better get myself back to blogging.   This is my only way to communicate with the outside world!   (lol)

AND now the kids are all home from school, for at least 2 weeks, prob’ly more, realistically.    So, if I blog, maybe I can block out some of the noise!   haha

This stuff is serious y’all!     Not only are people getting sick, and dying, I’m almost outta TP!!    That’s a crisis, in my book!     (No, I’m not making fun of the sick, and dying people.   I’m writing humor here.     Just thought I’d be clear here, since I’ve had kick back before.)

Only 20 rolls left!!

This was taken a few days ago, when I started thinking about this post.      Now, we’re down to only 10!!    In this household of 4 females, we go thru a LOT of Tp.    Like A LOT!

Running out is one of my oldest, deepest ingrained fears.     So, you can imagine how badly I’m freaking out right now!    I sent DH to Aldi, and he said they were all out.     Panic began welling up in my chest.

I’m trying not to run thru the streets screaming, but it’s hard.

One of my bloggy friends talked about this same subject.  I joked that if the shortage continues, we might have to go the “family cloth” route.    EEWW!!     Someone else commented they had the same thought!

 But, it might come to that.

Tomorrow, gonna send DH out scavenging.     His instructions will be, “Do whatever ya have to, bring back some TP!”

One of my IRL friends, LiZ, posted a pic of a “Tower of Tissue.”     I asked her where that was, cuZ I must go there!!    She said the RV store, but that it was really expensive.    At this point, Tp might become the “new” gold bars!

Will post an update later.

PS: DD1 is advocating for getting bidets.    Whatcha think?    Yes, or no?



  1. I like your approach…positive and upbeat!! The TP issue seems universal… in So Cal, Costco has limited number of packages of TP to try and keep some on the shelves….they are still getting shipments, but seems that not long after store opens….it’s gone. We’ve been seeing TP still on shelves in smaller neighborhood stores….hope the hoarders don’t figure that out! 🙂 My best to you….take care and be well!

    1. Thanks, Kirt. I do try. Our Walmart got a huge truckload full yesterday. Now you have to go back to layaway, and request it, then they will give you 1 pack. Hope everyone else is calmed down now, like me! You too, Kirt. Christ is Lord over the Corona!

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