Hapless Harry

Geoff LePard, from TanGental, asked me to review his latest book.    Read a book??   Sure!!

So, I received it in the mail.    Cool!    I love real mail!!     Especially from UK!!     I never get any of that!

Ready to read!

The novel’s name officially is

The Last Will Of Sven Andersen (The Harry Spittle Saga)

The protagonist is Harry Spittle.  But I’ve dubbed him, Hapless Harry.   (Ok, actually Geoff dubbed him that, in the Acknowledgments.)    Poor guy, he just is, well, hapless and a milquetoast.     Things happen to him that leave him sorta in a fog, of wondering what just happened??

Hapless Harry works in a solicitor’s office, on his way to becoming a lawyer.  

(Oh word of Warning!   Lots of language, and explicit sex.)

Harry is terrified of the 3 secretaries, that run the firm.   The most senior, Jean, runs him like a raw recruit, to her Drill Sergeant.     But, despite his terror of her, she saved his bacon once.   So, he does respect her very much.   Of course I can’t tell you about it!   Ya gotta read it for yourself!

His girlfriend, Penny, likes him, maybe.    But did they just break up?    Again??    You know I’m gonna say it- ya have to read the book to find out!!    Oh, she runs him, just like Jean does!!   He’s constantly on edge, never knowing if they are on or off.

And then there’s his parents…    And his sister…    and the family’s business…

Harry’s flatmate does a craZy thing, bringing home a wild girl.   Turns out Harry knows her from her last life.   No, not reincarnation- just a reinvention of herself.     So, that brings all kinds of complications into Harry’s life.    Of course!

Oh, the will??     Yeah, that’s a HUGE mystery!    Sven comes in to Harry’s office, Jean types up the will.     All’s well and good.      Until…..   (well, you probably already guessed from the title there’s more than 1.)     My lips are sealed!

I will say this:  Harry has to employ use a whole team of people to solve the conundrum.

This book kept me on the edge of my seat, wondering what was going to happen when I turned the page!

Oh the twists, and turns!!

Geoff is an excellent writer.   Now I can hardly wait for the next chapter of Harry’s life!      Coming March 30th!!     I only have 14 days to wait!!


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