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Hunting, and hunting for my 2020 decluttering chart.      WHERE is it??     I just had it last week!!     Well, for sure last month!!

Ok, so I’ll been looking on and off, for about a week now.     Let’s face facts here.    It’s gone.     (And no, we hadn’t used it for tp.)    😉   Might be doing that by next month, tho!

I cleaned off my computer desk, for the second time this month!!     And it’s only the 19th!     Wow!

Not there, again.     That’s the reason I cleaned off my desk at the beginning of the month, cuZ of not being able to find my dang chart.

Oh the delicious irony!!      Decluttering to find your decluttering chart!

Oh well, I remember I had finished the first one.     Well done, you!      I’m so proud!      Why thank you, m’dear!       And I was 500 into the 2nd one, just writing numbers on the back.

So, what I’ma gonna do is: print out 2.    Write 1st for the year, and color it alll in.     Then, write 2nd on the other, and fill in 500 blanks.    Write “March” on the margin, and fill in the squares for this month.

Sounds like a plan!!     At least it’ll keep you from frantically chasing your tail all over looking for a figment of your imagination uh I mean, chart that was probably already recycled.

Alrightey, then.      Printer ho!

Nobody will ever know!!


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