Thinking Thunks

I was just laying in bed, trying to go to sleep.    Then my brain started ticking over.     You know how it goes.    Suddenly you think of all the chores you should do.    Or all the comebacks you should have said, for conversations 2 weeks ago.    But, if you’re a blogger, then you might be writing posts in your head.

And I hate when I do that!     CuZ usually I think such brilliant stuff, and by the time morning arrives, I’ve forgotten all of it!!         ERGH!       Maddening!!     It was so funny!

So, this time I thought I’d outsmart myself, and get up and put it all down on paper computer screen.

I remember one of the posts was about the tax files.    And the paper monster monkey on my back

Another was of all the declutterers in my head, who’s voices I hear.    (I think it’s okay that I hear them.    They are only telling me to do good stuff, not kill people.)

So, while it’s all fresh, gonna try to capture those elusive thoughts, and pin them down.

Here we go!!

This didn’t publish for some reason.  I wrote it before the Money Monkey.


  1. oh i HATE that!

    my brain keeps me up all the time with random and crazy thoughts – keep a journal next to the bed, your future self will thank you for it. 🙂

    1. <3 When i try to write at night, I can't even read it the next morning! I don't have a tiny light to use, either. And I'd probably be too laZy to sit up and actually write.... excuses, excuses, excuses

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