Trial, Tragedy

See why I was freaking out so badly the other day??     I did this as soon as I heard about the website. 

Then, it finally happened– I ran out of TP!!    Tragedy!!    (I just KNEW it was gonna happen to ME!)

I was on the throne, when it happened.   

Happily, I wasn’t alone in the house!    I screamed, and all 4 came running like they thought I saw a snake in the drain!      ALL the rolls were only 7 foot away, on the dryer.    So near yet so far!!

When I explained what it was, they all said, “Oh brother!”   And started to walk away.    

“Nooo!”    I screamed again!   “Someone bring me a roll!!!”

Thankfully, littlest had pity on me, and handed me one. 

     I’m gonna leave it just like this too.    What do you bet it will be just like this when I come next??

What??   It’s a miracle!!      DD1 must have been in, I know DH, and the girls would not even!



  1. oh my goodness melinda! lol

    this made me chuckle.

    it reminds me of a poem that I wrote a couple of years ago – let me share it with you real quick.

    1. Dear Jenny, just like the tooth fairy, there is a toilet paper fairy. She comes in at night, to check if you have enough. If you’re out, she changes it. Glad I could help you understand. Your friend, the Toilet Paper Fairy’s assistant.
      (I know you won’t be offended, cuZ you have such a sense of humor! Right?) <3

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