Ellie Elephant

Looking around at my horrific room.

Too much.  Panic.   FroZen, twitching- how can you be both at same time?    I doan know. but ask other warriors of the decluttering tribe world wide.   It happens.

Standing in the doorway, eyes like a deer in headlights, fighting to stay on my feet, instead of falling into bed…

I hear voices in my head.

Kristen Toney Campbell- TheRoadtoDomestication.com   She is a personal friend, and my first cheerleader, in my deslobbing journey.

Dana K.  White-ASlobComesClean.com      I discovered her by typing in “Slob” into Google.    I’ve read both her books, and several e-books.

Stella – Purfylle One of my earliest, and staunchest encouragers!  And fellow declutterer.

Anne Sira Lene- MinimalistSometimesI wrote a series of posts about her as my Decluttering                       Queen!

Cass- Clutterbug– I don’t have any personal connection, but I do love her personality!     (I’m a LARGE  part Butterfly, btw!)

Dawn- MinimalMom– No personal connection here either.  But she is just so cute, and encouraging!!

Crystal- DeslobStudent– When I first found her- she was my people instantly!!    I felt like she was talking directly TO me! (On her Youtube channel, and after we’d been friends awhile, she did!!  She gave me a shoutout!!   I felt famous!!)   And about me, to be honest!    It’s so craZy, wild how much we have in common!     We friended each other on FB, and pm a lot.  She started sending me little videos, and one day I got up the nerve to actually call her on video chat!     We were old friends instantly!    We encourage each other, and understand exactly where we are coming from, cuZ the other one is there too.      I just wished she lived closer!     (But now it wouldn’t even matter if she lived across the street!      Face Time for all!      Thanks a lot for nothing, “Rona!)

Rachel Jones- NourishingMinimalism.com– I love her Decluttering Charts!!   And she has replied to several of my comments on FB!     We are practically BFFs now!

Emily Rooney- HappyOrganiZedLife.com– She has responded to several of my FB comments as well.

Barb- DeclutteringtheStuff– We follow each other’s blogs, and comment back and forth.

Carrie AMothersShadow has become a friend in real life!!   She sends me presents!

“Calm down!    You can do it!    Breathe!    Focus on only 1 thing.    GaZe locked?   Lean forward, grasp item.    Open mouth a little wider, take a tiny bite of the elephant.”

  NO!!    Rest assured, I DID NOT bite these cute babies!!

This is my mammoth meal.

Then I ask questions.    Should I write about it ??  (tomorrow)

Is it trash?      A donation?  (also known as trash right now, since the thrift stores are closed, and I ain’t storing it.    That’s 1 reason I’m in the place right now.)    I stopped.

“Put it away,” I hear.     So, I did.

Greek chorus:   “Yay!!  You did it!!    We knew you could!!    Great job!!    Meet ya back here tomorrow, Same bat time  , same bat channel.”    Boy am I old, or what??

BTW: Instead of eating more elephant, I sat down and wrote this.  Totally counts, right??    I was decluttering my brain!


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