Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day- to all you mothers!   Biological, step, bonus, adoptive, prayer, whatever you are- you are appreciated and loved!

Every year, almost without fail, I get Mama a corsage for Mother’s Day.    This year I couldn’t find a “real” one in the stores.     So, I got her a “Forever” one.     (Read: silk.)     She loved it, naturally!

I also bought Mama a bouquet,

      and it had a butterfly on it.   

I told Mama it was for Aunt Opal.    (Her older sister who just died last month.)      Mama said, “NO!”  It’s for me!      I had butterflies before her, and she stole them!”      (She and her sisters all have/had “themes”.     (Since Mama’s is giraffes, I had no idea butterflies were hers as well before Aunt Opals’!)

“It’s okay, Mama!     The butterfly is for you, then!     I had no idea!”

Anyway, she loved the flowers, and the butterfly, and all’s right with the world.     Whew!

Sister, her 3, DH, and I all went to Mama’s for lunch today.      It was so great to be around family again!     (Legally!)      We really missed my 4, and Bubba, Sis Shirley, and their 5.

Hopefully we can ALL get together soon.     Well, considering Dr. Kim is in the Air Force now, we’ll see her when THEY say we can!      Maybe Thanksgiving, or Christmas??

God is so good, that we are all still alive, and healthy.     Well, as long as you don’t count mentally!!    My mental health is still fragile after Respite.

I hope you had a good Mother’s Day, and were able to spend it with ones you love!


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