House and Home

Ok, so after Respite, I came home and gave DD1 the letter I wrote at the motel, telling her she must move out.  It killed my heart, but I was about to kill myself- which would have been more permanent.  Or I’d be killed, by falling, breaking a hip, and die that way.   In any case, I felt I was gonna die.    And I was terrified, and angry/ so very angry.

Naturally she was mad.    And scared, cuz  I only gave her the 2 weeks, till the end of April.

The next day she sent the girls up to other grandmother’s house.    And started looking for a place.  I expected it to be only 15-20 miles away.

Well, on that next Thursday, she still had no place.     And Michelle, my sis, said, “I have a house.”    Yeah- in Orlando!!      60 miles away!!

So we drove to Orlando.    Gorgeous house!    Daughter and girls would have 3 bedrooms, and private bath.   Share common areas with my nephew, Nick.     His Mama, had bought the house as a free place for him to live, while he was in college.    But with the college shut down, all the students left, and she needed income!   And who knows if it will open, or when??

Thank God they made a deal!!    The terms were so excellent!!     $500 month, half the water/trash, and half the electric!     WHAT??     That was practically a steal!!     Of course, DD jumped on it like white on rice!

So, she moved in, and started straightening it up.    After 2 weeks, the girls were very homesick, so they came home last Sat.   They arrived at their new home, about 11 am.   By 2 pm, we were there too!    They needed a little time just with Mommy.    But Omie and Pop needed to see them too!    They were a little confused about being there, instead of home.      But Mommy had already explained that this was their new home.    And Pop and Omie live at their own home, alone now.    We just reiterated what she said.    (My therapist said I had to give them at least a month to adjust, before we had them come spend the night.    WAAAHHHH!!)

Loves, and kisses and hugs!!     They proudly showed us around.     Then about an hour later, they were ready to go out and play.    The huge fenced back yard is such an excellent place!!  I saw 2 cattle egrets, and told CC to go get it.   She couldn’t chase them both away.   So she came in and recruited Sissy’s help.    They ran, and yelled, and let those birds know new bosses were in town!!

They didn’t want us to leave.  But Pop hurt his back while unloading boxes from the car.   So, we had to go home and get him some pain pills!


  1. Wow! I missed the Respite post somehow. I’m so sorry to read about all this. Hope everything works out.


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