Intriguing Internet

I got my modem FINALLY!!  Friday night, May 8.      I unboxed it so excitedly!!      Man, internet was so close, I could almost smell it!!       At my very fingertips even!

But when I got it all unwrapped from the plastic, and took out the instructions, then it hit me.     I was supposed to install it myself.       Me??      Ya talking to me??         (Due to Covid, they had to mail it.   You probably remember that from  Peace and Pieces.

Anyway, after looking at the paper, which looked as if it was written in Japanese, I put the instructions aside, and started dialing Sweet Friend!      Help!

Friday night I was at his place, cuZ I needed the computer, and he was at work.

Then Sat. he came to see the girls as well.     So I asked him very nicely, if he’d connect me on Sunday.    Which he promptly agreed to.      (That man is SO kind to me!)

So, today, while we were at Mom’s eating, he called.     

“You home?”

“No, at Mama’s eating.     But the door’s unlocked, if you would be so kind as to go ahead and make it so!!”

Then, we went straight to Aunt Cimmy, and Unc Mo’s house for cards.

When we got back, I came into the office.    Lo and behold!     It was working!!     I had internet now!!     

May I never be without it for 2 whole weeks, ever again!!


    1. Oh yes, I’m still married!! We just had our 2nd anniversary! <3 But he knows less about computers than I do!! He was with me at Mama's.
      🙂 Sweet Friend is my ex. My daughters' dad. My husband and he are friends too.

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