Looky, Looky!!

I love this view of my living room.     So calm, peaceful.      And you can’t see this part, but quiet!

Yeah, I know it’s almost totally empty.     That’s the point!!        It’s been exactly like this for 3 weeks, since the girls moved out.       No toys!      No smashed food!!       No dirty dishes!        Nothing but air!   

Y’all know I love me some babies.      SO, so much!!          But, it was time for them to move out with Mommy, and be their own little family.

Pop and Omie desperately needed to retire back to only being grandparents!!

I just sit in the recliner, and enjoy the quiet.      Soaking in the peace.       Looking out the window, listening to the birds.

Then I read my Bible.      


Computer time!!

Then, of course, the all important nap!!        And I can sleep as long as I want to!!      No sweet, little irritating voices waking me up!


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