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Hey all!  Glad to be back with you!!  Everyone sitting 6 ft away from your screens???  Don’t wanna violate those social distancing rules, ya know!!

I am so over this!!   If you are nervous, wear a mask and gloves.  Or stay home.  But the poor people who are out of work need to get back to work!!

You notice none of the BIG CORPORATIONS were closed!   Walmart, Lowe’s, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, etc.   Only small businesses and churches, and outdoor recreational facilities were closed.    That is who was targeted.  1,000 people in Wal-mart was apparently safe.   1 lone mother in the park with her children was unsafe.   Bologna!!    She wasn’t hurting anyone!   She was providing fresh air, sunshine and exercise for her children’s health!    It was a crime to arrest her!!   I hope she fights this all the way to the Supreme Court!!

Also, the people, I think it was Michigan, who were issued $500 fines for going to drive up church!!    Leaders are going insane!!     Those people were as socially distanced as it can get!  They were all in their own cars, with the windows up!!    They were exposed to risk, by the police!  Who made them roll down the windows to receive the tickets!!  I know the police were only doing what they were told.    But- they could have protested such a draconian measure.

$1200 for 6 weeks lost work??  I appreciate the stipend, but that doesn’t even cover most people’s rent for that time.  And how were they feeding their children??   And buying gas to go to the CROWDED store to get food, if they could get any??

I’m mad.   Yes, I’m a conspiracy theorist.   There is an evil plan afoot.   If the deep state can crash our economy, they will be in control of us forever, like the communist, and socialist countries.

WE gotta pull together, Patriots!!    We gotta stop the government from taking away all our rights.   Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are inalienable rights endowed us by our Creator!!

Ok. off my soap box for today.

Come back later for a decluttering post!!

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