Peace and Pieces

DD1 got my new phone working last Sat. when we visited their new house.    I had been without phone AND internet for a week!!    Driving me crazy!!

So, have phone, will call!!

Still no internet today. May 6.     I ordered it 9 NINE days ago!!     “Due to COVID, we can’t come to your house, we have to mail it.”     I fer sure think they used snail mail, instead of the USPS!!

Anyway, I’m at Sweet Friend’s house again.   I really don’t know what I’d do without him!!

He even brings me ice water!    

I am enjoying the childless peace and quiet.    At least sometimes.

Yesterday it got to be too much, like the quiet was smothering me.   So, I retreated to my bed, per my usual modus operandi.     And I slept 19 hours.

Neither my GP, or my therapist would be happy at all, with that news.

Today, I have a sense of purpose, catching up on FB, and writing y’all.

I did go outside for about a half hour.   I know that helps my system. getting fresh air, sunshine and vitamin D.

Didn’t say I looked good doing it!    lol       (This is actually from 4 weeks ago.   I told Sis to go outside, and she said “You first!”    So I texted this to her.    Then she texted me a pic of her toes in the grass.    She won!    LOL)

I have been writing oodles of letters this week too!    Maybe next week I’ll garner a harvest of return ones!     Handwritten letters are so very wonderful!!    You can hold them in your hand, and carry them around with you.    My computer, when it’s connected, doesn’t let me get very far!

All right, that’s it for today I guess.



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