Seat Scenes

As I was lying in bed last night, my mind started wandering, as it always does.

For some unknown reasons, I started thinking of toilet seats.        But why??        Who knows??      Maybe I needed to get up and go again??

Anyway, I broke the toilet seat here, in Playful, about 2 months ago.     Just broke the lid off, tho.    So, it’s ok.    Still usable.      Big John is quite the sturdy seat!   

(Big John installed in Tinkerbelle Town.)

But the lid was no match for me!

So in Playful;  Toilet seat : 0   Me: 1

Then I had to rewind to where we came from, when we moved here; Tinkerbelle Town.       And yup, I broke the toilet seat there too.     In a most spectacular way too!     I gotta look that up, and link it.

Tinkerbelle Town; Toilet seat: 0  Me: 1

Here it is: Tinkerbelle Town Toilet Trouble                       

Oh my, I’m racking up the points here.

Okay then, where did we move from to get to Tinkerbelle Town?       Peaceful.

Did I destroy any toilet seats there??    I don’t think so.     Yay!!

Peaceful; Toilet seat: 1   Me: 0

Woo hoo!     We’re on a roll here!!     (Maybe a tp roll??   Sorry, had to do it!)

Back up to Joy House, where it was just DH and I.    No troubles there.    (Of the toilet kind, anyway!)

Well, there you’d be wrong!         What??       Remember this??     Beautiful Bathroom??

Oh, yeah, how could I forget??        Well, to be fair, you’ve broken so many, it is hard to keep track!    Yes it is!         Thanks for the grace!

Joy House; Toilet seat: 0    Me: 1

Before that, we lived in Love House.       Any trashed toilet seats there??         Tentatively, I’m gonna say no, until I remember otherwise.       Or until it’s brought to your attention??       Yeah, that too.       We were only there 3 months, so I’m gonna go with no.

Love House; Toilet seat: 1    Me: 0

Before that was Absolutely.     And of course, I Absolutely had a toilet trial there!!         Sarah Seat

Absolutely; Toilet seat: 0     Me:  1

This is getting pretty long.     So, I’ll continue Monday.     (Gotta go sleep off this exhaustion of writing these 300-ish words!!    LOL)

Toilet Totals so far:    Toilet seats:  2       Me: 4        If I wanted to (or could!) I’d give the percentage of toilet seats I’ve broken out of the last 6 places we’ve lived.     But, naaaah.


  1. I had forgotten you name your houses!

    Toilet seats just aren’t made the way they used to be. Ours seems to loosen all the time and wiggle around. So far we haven’t joined the broken toilet seat club.

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