Second Seat Scenes

Continued from Friday’s post,  Seat Scenes.

So far the toilet totals are:   Toilet seats: 2    Me: 4     (Should I say “Me”,  or “My butt”???)

I ended with Absolutely, where we were living when DH and I remarried.

Before that, the girls, DD1 and I lived in 8 House.      And, as far as I remember, I had no trouble there.        Key word: remember!

Looking back, at the posts, just to see…

Nope, nothing so far.   Alrightey then, moving on….      NO MORE MOVING, I SAID!!       Moving on in the story- not moving houses!!        Oh, okay.       Proceed.

Moving backwards; before 8 house, was Bridge

Not much going on here.     I did have to replace the toilet, and the whole bathroom floor.      But I didn’t crash any toilet seats.     YAY!

Then at My First Place– I had  all kinds of toilet trouble!!     Not the seat so much, as flushing!    My mighty, mighty index finger tore up that flushing lever!

Ah ha!!     When I lived by myself, no toilet seats were broken!     So, other people must be actually breaking them, then just blaming me!     See how they are??

Started my blog when I lived in the apt on Providence.  Aug 2014.   PP was only 1 year old.    Awww!

I didn’t ruin any toilet seats here either.    Just fell, and had to call the paramedics, a few times.    But hey, what’s a 9-1-1 call among friends??

Okay, so BEFORE I started my blog, I remember breaking 2 toilet seats at Bubba’s house, when he was married to his first wife.      It was so embarrassing!

DD1 (as a baby), and I were staying with him for about 6 weeks, can’t remember why.     But when I broke the first toilet seat, I couldn’t believe it!!       How humiliating is it to have to come out and say, “BTW, I just busted your toilet seat.    OOPS!     Sorry.”     It was one of those “sawdust glued together” ones.    Of course, I paid him back, on pay day.    But get this:  he bought the same exact kind!!

After I broke THAT one, (and I was only 200 pounds at that time!) and paid for it,  I begged him just get a plastic one, Bubba, fer Pete’s sake!

I guess he did, cuZ I didn’t break another one.    Or else he asked me to leave.     Whichever.

I don’t have any childhood memories of breaking toilet seats, so I guess the total stands now as;

Toilet seats: 2     Me: 6

The next Big John I buy, cuZ I do have replace this one some time! is gonna be the model with the brass nuts and bolts, not plastic.     Let’s see how long those will hold up to my butt!!   


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