Tough Tooth

What do dreams of your teeth falling out mean??

According to Healthline, there are 12 interpretations:

  • Personal loss- uh huh Girls moving out.    Even though it was a good thing, still a loss.
  • Religion- I’ve been having lots of emotions about not attending church. (Not just the quarantine,               but 2 years before that even.)
  • Stress- Yeah
  • Anxiety- Yeah!
  • Life changes- yup
  • Depression- oh yes
  • Jealousy-??    Don’t think this one is mine.
  • Someone else missing teeth- yeah, DH’s dentures are broken.
  • Grinding- Don’t think so.
  • Teeth breaking- Bingo!!      I think this one is the best fit right now.
  • Growing new teeth- lol  No!       
  • Poor hygiene- Poor oral hygiene??     Or not showering??     I admit it- both.

But here’s the reason #10 is probably the culprit this time:

      Boy, those bottom teeth look really brown, Becky!       No, not really.      They’re yellow, Yancy!

And from extensive tongue exploration, it seems the cavity extends into the tooth behind it.      So, probably that one will be next.

I wish it was just gone, but no.     It broke off, so the back wall of the tooth is still standing.   

Dang root canals!!     So far, every tooth I’ve had a root canal in, has broken and fallen out.    Except the 2 that are crowned.     So, hopefully they will last me a little longer in this checker game called life.

Well, at least 1 good thing is, when I go to the dentist, they will probably tie me to the chair.       Until they can give me a good cleaning!       Nah, it’s only been 2 years.      You can go  for another 3 at least!

Hey, ya gonna color in a square on your chart???      You did purge something!!      Accidental as it was!

Huh, I didn’t even think about that.       But heck yeah!



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