Choosing Children’s

Choosing Children’s what??      Bibles.     

Very difficult!      SO many versions!!         So many features!

I reviewed reviewers.     Lots of those too!!

Here are the websites I used to narrow down my choices.      I do not have all the money in the world to buy EVERY version like one guy did!      And, of course I can’t remember his website, to include his post.   🙁

Choosing a Children’s Bible: 11 Options

This one was very helpful, in listing the specific Bibles available.

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Children’s Bible

This article, helped me to figure out the criteria needed to make my selection.

Other good considerations:

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Bible for Your Child

The Best Bible options for Kids (Based on Age)

I really liked this article, because it talks about the theology of the children’s Bibles.    It specifically mentions that she has seen at least 1, that didn’t talk about sin.       The sin problem is the whole point of needing a Bible!     We all are born in original sin, and need a Savior!!      The only way to reliably learn about our Savior, Jesus Christ, is in His Word- the Holy Bible!

     A great one!

Choosing a Child’s Bible

This is the only article that recommends getting your child’s input.     Great point!      When your child helps you pick out their own Bible, they will be more invested in reading it.

But of course, only give the choices of Bibles you have preapproved!

I think I have winnowed it down to 1. The Hands on Bible, or 2. The Child’s Story Bible by Catherine Vos.

This one is the New Living Translation.

What I might do is buy both, and let PP choose.      She has become such a strong reader, it’s amazing!!      She already owns 3 Bibles, but the print is so tiny, I don’t even really want her to strain her eyes!       Especially since she now wears glasses.      And looks so cute!!      They’re pink!

Then, I’ll need to go thru the whole process again, to find a toddler Bible for CC!      Probably should have started with this one??       Well, we do have toddler Bible single story books.

What is your experience of picking a Bible for your child?      Please share!!



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