Counting Couches!

The empty space of the living room….    waiting….  anticipation…..

The very first pieces:            The rest on it’s way!!

     Whoomp!!      Here it is!!

     Thanks guys!!


My very own purple couch!!       I finally have it!!       After only waiting approx. 900 years!        lol       Nah, really only 50-ish.

Thank you, Aunt Sherry for telling me it was there!!

ReSale America has yet another one!!        Run if ya want it!        I can’t have it, too, says DH.       

Me not happy about that.        But I will make myself happy, with this one!!

I don’t wanna go to sleep, even!!       I just wanna sit here in the recliner, and gaze lovingly at My Own Purple Couch!

Now I need PP to name it for me!!          Thank you, DH!!

Several of my cuzzins posted on my FB page, what a great napping couch it looks like!      I told them I’d be sure to post it, when I take my first nap!!



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