Credit Cruise

Ok, time for a Credit Crunches update.

After I completely paid off my Credit One card, the next month I had a $9.36 balance.   

Say whaaaa??

So, I paid that.   Balance $0 again. 

Maybe it was left over interest or something.   Then this month, I got a bill for $8 something!!      Now I’m mad!!    Boiling hot mad!!

It is my annual fee.    If I get another bill next month, someone is getting a strongly worded letter!!      I’ll probably have to write it, and let it sit several days, under my ire cools down!

Update on credit scores.     Great news!!       After paying off the first 2 cards, my scores rose to:

As you can see, it had been VERY bad!!       Getting better!!     Putting a smile on my face!!

Now, after all 4 cards are reported as paid in full- lookie here!!        Woot!!     Woot!!

I am ecstatic!!        Back in the 600 club again!!     Hi 25!!           😉       

There’s this still lurking……

    But, they are not collecting interest anymore.      So DH’s bank loans, including the car are more important.     I’ll come back to these later.      Much later!!    Because we still have to save our small emergency fund of $1,000.      All in good time, collections, all in good time.

Thanks for celebrating with me!


  1. Creatively clever credit calculating.
    Hope all is well with you Melinda.
    Sending lots of love and hugs.
    Take good care, stay well and stay safe.

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