Pot Pieces

Uh oh!  Houston, we have a problem!

   I don’t believe it’s supposed to come off like that!!      I dropped the lid, accidentally, and this was the result.

Later, we couldn’t get the pot to open, after the food cooked.     IDK why.      Maybe cuz that little oopsie up there??  

For some reason, this silver thing wouldn’t release the steam.     I don’t understand.      After DH managed to pry it out, I just walked away from the situation.

As I’m hungrily devouring chips, in lieu of supper, I hear banging, fussing, and all manner of things you don’t expect to hear, from the kitchen.

About 20 minutes later, DH says, “Dinner!”       I didn’t even ask what happened.      I just ate!      But I believe the sledgehammer, and chisel on the counter might have had something to do with it.    At least there weren’t any metal chips in the chicken!!     That I noticed, anyway.

RIP, insta-pot.     It was good while it lasted.



    1. Oh, I didn’t even think about checking on a warranty! It’s an old one my daughter had. And it has already gone to its big recycling center in the junkyard!
      When we get a new one, tho. I will make sure to keep THAT warranty paper!

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