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Hey, have you gotten on the ALL American made, ALL the time train yet??

Before the Wuhan Flu of Death, I was already making an effort to buy American.    But when it got too hard, I’d just say, “Oh well, I tried.”

  • I do NOT blame the people of China.    I blame the Communist government for all the ills, and tainted products they have shipped to us over the years, along with this latest illness.     My Mama went there about 12 years ago, to teach English for a semester, and fell in love with the people.

Now, though, I am a ninja shopping warrior!      (Can I say ninja, at the same time I am decrying Chinese things??      It’s Japanese, right??       I’ll go look that up.      BRB    Whew!    Yeah, it’s Japanese.  Dodged a bullet throwing star there!)

Anyhoo, I’m really checking where everything is made now.    And if it’s China, I put it back.   And sometimes, it hurts.     But, I have to stay strong, and stick to my principles!

Specifically this time I’m looking for children’s scissors, made in American.      I know Fiskars is an American brand.   How do I know??     Cuz I have some! 

  (Wow- perspective makes a HUGE difference!!)

Their children’s scissors ARE designed in America.     YAY!!      But guess what??     Made in China.      BOO! BOO!     WM did have some Fiskars student scissors, for around 10 year olds, made in Vietnam.     We usually do OCC boxes for different ages, so I bought 4 pairs of those.    But still needing children’s scissors.        (OCC boxes are for Samaritan’s Purse, Operation Christmas Child boxes.      I think every box needs at least 1 pair of scissors.     I never know where the boxes are going, and how accessible simple supplies are there.

(Oh yeah, I had already gone thru ALL the scissors on ALL the shelves.     Ok, not really.     But Publix, Wal-Mart, and Dollar Tree.      That pretty much counts as ALL, right??     The only 2 I actually shop in, are Publix and Wally World.     DT has no scooters, so the hubster is sent in there, for all shopping, or scouting excursions.   

Lots of Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, (which I’m not thrilled with, but at least it’s not China), India, etc.  Lots of other countries.      But I want American made!!      And it ain’t easy to find!

Back to the hunt!! 

Anyway, I found this site:

No children’s scissors.

But, I did find a pretty purple T-shirt!!     The largest size they have is 3x.      We’ll see if they are true to size.     Have to let you know later, when it gets here.

    UPDATE Fits to a T!    Could not resist!!

Sis, Michelle found some, scissors not T-shirts!, and asked how much I was willing to pay for American.     I said, “Ummm, a little more, depends on how much it is!”        She never told me what she found.

Then I went to the Westcott website.      Success at last!!!!

I ordered 10 of those puppies- right away!!      At only 45 cents @??      Heck yeah!      Plus maybe $40 of other stuff.     But my boxes need it all!!

Anyway, so now I’m good on scissors!!       And I bought American!     And on Clearance!!      Woot woot!     I can sleep well tonight!

UPDATE:   When I got the box, this is what I see:

I wanted to scream, and throw them across the room.


I told Sis I was gonna return them with an anger letter, for their false advertising.

Her answer was; “The poor kid who needs scissors will NOT care where they can from!”

Yeah, but I bought them, and I care!

So, do I stick to my guns, and return them?    OR do I let the fact that the children need scissors over take my desire to buy American??     This feels like I’ve been here before.   🙁

Seriously, what do I do????         I have till November to make the final decision.


  1. I am also doing my best to buy American, but, I know there will be exceptions .
    As far as OCC Boxes, I feel the boxes are going to other countries mainly, so it’s not an issue if things aren’t American. You might even be supporting the country the children who receive your boxes reside in.

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