De-Cluttering De-Cloths

So, the gauntlet has been thrown down!

Barb, from  declutteringthestuff

commenting on Normative Norwex  said:

“So we would need someone with *Norwex to use Norwex on one side and a regular microfiber cloth on the other. You up to the experiment? Maybe PP can do this one. At least she would allow it to be a controlled unbiased experiment. We know she won’t scrub harder with one and not the other.”
* That would be me!

I replied that I would set it up ASAP.     ASAP meaning “A Some-dAy Project” 

Do you realize what this means???      I have just promised to go buy a competitor’s product!!
But I have no qualms whatsoever!       Norwex cloth is the best ever!!
I do plan to buy it from the Dollar Store, since that’s what I’ve heard several times.         “Why would I spend this much for a cloth, when I can get one from the Dollar Store??”
So this will be a true, unbiased test, I will indeed let PP do the actual work.
And I will document buying the cloth, and every step of the experiment.
I can’t wait!!   This is gonna be good!

However, after de-cluttering my kitchen cloths, I found I already had several brand new microfiber kitchen cloths, in the cabinet!       Woo hoo for saving a dollar!

slob, humor, microfiber
PP’s holding the microfiber cloths!

PP is such a good product model!!         She loves having her picture taken!      Even if all you can see are her hands!

So, we have the tools necessary.        Now, to set up the experiment!!
(Until I decluttered so well, that I gave away ALL those cloths, forgetting about this challenge!     Uh oh!!       So, I do have to go to the store anyway.)

So ___ months later……   (Sorry Barb, but ya did know I was a procrastinator, right??)

from 7-20 2017 to be exact

 A Norwex post.
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Norwex is the best!!

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