Sorry to say this, but I just can’t blog anymore. I can’t explain it, even I don’t know why. I just lost my mojo, my momentum, all enthusiasim. I hate it, cuz I used to love it!! Now, I can’t even force myself to do it.

I love all of you!!  Your support over the years has meant so   much to me.

I’m all choked up.

Thank you, thank you!!

This site is going to disappear next month, since I won’t be paying anymore. I hate to leave y’all, but I just can’t anymore.  (Not that the house is all deslobbed yet, lol But the living room, dining room is under control. So is the small room, the girls’. Since DD1 moved out, it’s only the girls’, whenever they get to come back from other grandmother’s. We moved our office into DD1’s room, and we just ignore her half of the room back there, which is her storage shed!! With our backs to it, it doesn’t exist. See how easy that is?? lol Now, just don’t go in our room, ok?? That’s where all the control stopped. Full stop. Someday!! )

I’ll still drop in on yours from time to time.

Thus ends an era.

I’m not crying, you’re crying!


  1. oh no – not before the big Norwex experiment I hope!

    I get it though. Hope you find what you need to find for health and happiness!

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