Disclosures & Privacy Policy


So, this is my disclosure and privacy policy page, so I won’t have to post that on every blessed post!! 

Finally!!       Shut up, self!     Oh brother, if PP could read, I can just see her now.     “Omie!!     You’re not supposed to say the “S” word!!”           So, sorry for saying the “s” word.          

Anyways, as I was saying, uh… what was I saying??

I have cookies.       Yummmm, cookies!         Make mine chocolate please!!

Not that kind of cookies!!           I know, I know, I just got distracted.

Cookies on your computer.       It’s only to collect info for GoogleAnalytics, not any personal collection of data.

I hope to someday have sponsored posts!

And my comments are screened by Askimet, to stop spam.     I do go thru the spam, and rescue any real comments, so don’t worry!