Disclosures, & Privacy Policy

Remember this, on the bottom of every.single.post for the last 3 weeks??

“Also: (**UPDATE!**  I’m excited to inform y’all that my daughter finally convinced me to become an Amazon associate!  Some of my links may be affiliate links.  When you click on an affiliate link–which I will tell ya in which posts, -and make a purchase, I make a small commission from the sale and/or click or signup.  However, it costs y’all nothing.  I thank everybody who uses my links for supporting me, my blog, and my family.)

Soon, I’ll figure out how to make a disclosure and policy page, so I won’t have to post that on every blessed post!!         Thanks for putting up with it!”     Which is this very page, lo and behold!!

So, this is my disclosure and privacy policy page, so I won’t have to post that on every blessed post!! 

Finally!!       Shut up, self!     Oh brother, if PP could read, I can just see her now.     “Omie!!     You’re not supposed to say the “S” word!!”           So, sorry for saying the “s” word.          

Anyways, as I was saying, uh… what was I saying??

I have affiliate links, to Amazon stuff, and maybe one day other things.     It doesn’t cost you any extra, but whatever you buy gives me a little commission.   

One other thing: you don’t have to buy the featured item.  Anything you buy after clicking on my link counts.    Thanks!!

And I have cookies too.       Yummmm, cookies!         Make mine chocolate please!!

Not that kind of cookies!!           I know, I know, I just got distracted.

Cookies on your computer.       It’s only to collect info for GoogleAnalytics, not any personal collection of data.

Also, you probably noticed by now, I have ads on my pages.    Hopefully I’ll get a bit o’ the green from those too.

I hope to someday have sponsored posts too!

And my comments are screened by Askimet, to stop spam.     I do go thru the spam, and rescue any real comments, so don’t worry!